“Being on a boat that’s moving through the water, it’s so clear – everything falls in place of what’s important in life and what’s not.” – James Taylor. 

“Die dans van die flamink, die visarend se Roepstem van Afrika, ‘n visvalk op die wieke van die wind, ‘n tafereel van kleure van vere – dit is die ware wonder van die natuur.”

Bird Species
km long Lagoon
Maximum Passengers

About Lagoon Safari

Experience the spectacular natural beauty of the Hermanus Lagoon (Klein River Lagoon)  nestled between the mountain range, with Babylonstoring and Maanschynkop towering 1 km above you, and Walker Bay, from the placid waters of the Lagoon. With our birdwatching, breakfast runs, sunset and other water safaris on board Flamboyance, our 7 meter Butt Cat.

The 16km long lagoon (up to 2 km wide) and river are a haven for more than 120 bird species, including the majestic African Fish Eagle, flamboyant malachite kingfisher, the shy African spoonbill, flocks of the Greater and Lessen Flamingos, and many many more. Sunsets over the waters of the lagoon, over the indigenous coastal forests and the mountain range, are as good as it gets. We also venture to the nearly inaccessible and pristine eastern shores of the lagoon.

The razzle dazzle camouflaged Flambouyance, was designed to handle extremely rough sea conditions, and now specifically adapted from which the lagoon, and its birdlife paradise can be explored in comfort, luxury and complete safety. Flamboyance is licensed with the South African Maritime Safety Authority to operate as a commercial passenger vessel for a maximum of 12 passengers, as well as a skipper and first mate, on the Lagoon (and the sea.)

A holiday at the sea, can hardly be truly fulfilling without a water adventure on a boat and a fish “braai” on the beach. Flamboyance offers the first and De Vette Mossel Beach Seafood Restaurant, our departure point, excels in the latter. Consider combining these two superb truly bucket list experiences. www.devettemosselhermanus.co.za



ADULTS - R175pp 





Primary Learners & Under

Min Cost per cruise

Length of Cruises




Approx  1h30min


  • The 8th adult per cruise is completely free!, or
  • Satisfy ALL your senses, AND your wallet!  Save R100 per adult by COMBINING a cruise with a seafood feast @ De Vette Mossel @ Hermanus, our home port. For these truly bucket-list experiences we offer a 20% discount on both.  Thus, the normal rate of R320 per adult for De Vette Mossel will decrease to R256, and the cruise on Flamboyance from R175 to R140 = R396 for both, saving R100. (The 20% discount is also applicable for all other price groups. For eg: Primary learners and younger will pay R184, and not R230, for the combined experiences. Please note: To qualify for this discount, groups must consist of at least 6 adults. Full payment upfront is required.  (For lunch sessions, departure is at 10:45 and for dinner sessions at 17:15, or after lunch at 14:30.)